My Right Eye Designs - jewellery, photography and cool stuff from an entrepreneur with Down syndrome. x

What my right eye sees…

As it turns out, a lot more than my left eye… but that’s another story, and you’ll just have to check a little further here to find out what that might be.

This is my place to share my story, my passions and hopes for my future, and those of my community – and show you what I am capable of creating. And maybe, if you like what you see, you will support me, my efforts and my community by making a purchase and sharing the messages I, or my family, will be leaving from time to time.

Have a look around, ask me anything and I’ll do my best to answer, and through this process, I hope I can encourage and enlighten you about the possibilities and potential of someone like me, a young man rocking an extra chromosome, and never letting it define who I am or what I can do.